Arthur's Seat Lunchtime Handicaps
Report and Results 2011
Dec Handicap

This handicap race is held the first monday of every month, more details here

December Handicap - a wee blast for winter
A timely arrival of some frozen snowy paths and a biting wind gave a seasonal edge to the December handicap.
This didn't deter the lucky 13 starters from getting out for a hard run, but it did peg back the times (or was that a result of the weekends exertions).
One man not daunted by the weather was Cameron. The Murray in a hurry was not only first home by a good margin but also recorded the fastest run of the day, nudging him back closer to the 30 minute mark. If the weather had been kinder it could have been this month.....
As Cameron was running his way through the field others were turning up late (Andy/Pete), or starting early (MikeL, Tom), or just enjoying the view (MikeR, CamB). A minor talking point was the bloke walking down the frozen gutted haddie as the "steps were too slippy". I think we collectively persuaded him it was not a correct Darwinian enterprise and I haven't heard of any rescue attempts on the evening news.
Gordon completed his full attendance for 2011 with another fine run - coming within seconds of his handicap in the snow and ice shows that the cross country season hasn't tired out all our participants. Mark had a strong run, his first going the right way round and his new off road shoes giving him more confidence on the descents and allowing him to keep away from Chloe over Whinny (although she did almost catch me on the climb).
Some 2011 stats:
Most Races - Gordon - 12
Fastest Run - Paul Faulkner - 25:49
Total Handicap runs -151
Newbies and PBs - 21

Runner Actual Fin time Fin Order Time Order
Cameron M 00:30:50 12:59:34 1 1
Pete S 00:42:59 12:59:49 2 10
Gordon C 00:35:20 13:00:14 3 3
Bruce S 00:31:01 13:01:06 4 2
Mark D 00:36:44 13:02:01 5 6
Chloe 00:37:41 13:02:26 6 8
Eddie 00:37:12 13:02:29 7 7
Cameron B 00:36:40 13:05:04 8 4
Andy W 00:45:31 13:05:14 9 11
Mike L 00:49:10 13:05:22 10 12
Digby 00:42:02 13:05:33 11 9
Mike R 00:36:40 13:08:53 12 4
Tom McN 00:53:20 13:11:05 13 13

November Halloweenicap results
Yep, spookily enough 13 runners!!!!!
Despite the threat of ghouls and ghosts lurking in the undergrowth it was a decent sized number of runners that appeared for the reverse handicap.
That said there were also a couple of ghost runners as the two James's were jogging round and MikeL and Tom were pretending to take it easier to show Mark the route and with Chloe running round with Pete to recover from her 1:26 at the previous days Jed half .
Pete continued his return to form to finish first. Behind him Tom's behind propelled him past Mike showing the benefit a slick pair of shorts.
With just the backmarking MikeR and Stewart behind me I was about to set off when Gordon came running through the parliament. I decided to wait a couple of seconds and set off at the same time. Despite going over Haggis at a decent lick and then jogging as far as I could on the route past the old chapel by the time I could see the summit of Whinny MikeR had already climbed out of the scree above me. Score that one down to the scree as a faster route! Despite Stewart bearing down on me (he'd followed my slower route) I managed to hold him off through Dunsapie, he soon powered past on the grind up to Crow hill bearing down on Mike and the masses.
I decided to go down the gutted haddie which meant going over Nether before the summit, and by the time I reached the rocky clamber could see that Mike and Stewart were pretty much neck and neck. I crossed paths with Cam just about the top and as he was going the sensible route we soon found out that there is nothing to be gained by descending the gutted haddie. As a last resort I tried the lower path on the crags but that also didn't prove to be any quicker, losing me another few seconds.
Up ahead (quite far by now) Stewart was taking a leaf out of Tom's book and utilising the lack of friction wet grass has on shorts to full effect and in doing so gaining a vital 5 seconds on Mike.

The times are below but don't reflect the true finishing order, with the usual variations in start times screwing it up. Still, at least we know Pete was first home and Stewart was fastest so well done to them.

Runner Start Actual Fin Time Fin Order Time Order
Pete S 12:17:00 00:42:59 12:59:59 1 10
Chloe 12:24:46 00:36:00 13:00:46 2 8
Mike R 12:32:29 00:28:19 13:00:48 3 2
Stewart W 12:32:35 00:28:14 13:00:49 4 1
Matteo 12:25:51 00:35:30 13:01:21 5 6
Eddie 12:25:52 00:35:44 13:01:36 6 7
Cameron M 12:29:14 00:32:24 13:01:38 7 4
Bruce S 12:30:39 00:31:07 13:01:46 8 3
Cameron B 12:29:06 00:33:00 13:02:06 9 5
Gordon C 12:25:57 00:36:42 13:02:39 10 9
Mike L 12:17:41 00:46:38 13:04:19 11 13
MarkD 12:20:00 00:45:15 13:05:15 12 11
Tom McN 12:19:29 00:46:30 13:05:59 13 12

Next time it will be back to the normal way round.

Bruce Smith

October results
oct result
With a large number of call offs it was a surprise anyone turned up - as it happened quite a few did with several choosing their own start time which means the finishing order above doesn't show that the first man home was Stewart.
A valiant attempt to reclaim his course off Paul and a return to form saw Stewart dipping back inside 27 minutes and finishing first. Just ahead of Jamie, Eddie, Mick and Paul. Chloe finally made it around, although as she has yet to learn the grassy bank ascent there's more to come off her time I think. Digby's dentist delayed departure was actually the best run of the day, but as he failed to get his teeth into Stewart's lead I'm afraid his gnashing and wailing went unnoticed by the crowds, likewise Gordon's attempt to pace Digby by setting off similarly late.
Next months run will be in reverse in an attempt to surprise any remaining halloween guisers, hopefully it won't be the weekend after my calf has been battered by several miles of hard packed Trossachs paths.

September results
sept results
Belatedly here are the results of September's handicap. I think I've got all the finishers (not everyone made it round).
The finishing order is their time against handicap and varies from reality in pretty much the same way as their watches varied from the reality of GMT.
Paul was actually the first man back in a pretty damned fast time.  
Hopefully a bigger turnout next month (Monday the 3rd) is it time for another pacindah I wonder?

August results
august results
On a hot and muggy bank holiday an august crew set off in dribs and drabs, soon to be to dripping sweat as the warmth of the day kicked in.
On his first handicap for a while Bernie was first home, no doubt spurred on by freedom from Marathon training and the prospect of the upcoming Ben race. Tom made a rare appearance, his face the same colour as his pink shirt as he cooked in the gutted haddie. Sam C was a even rarer visitor, on a flying visit back von Deutschland, but his chances weren't helped by turning up with Bruce who was already late and setting straight into the steep climb up to the Crags was a pause. Mike put in another sterling run to record a sub 28 time on a hot day, pulling through most of the field towards the finish but not enough to pip a flying Devoy.
Bernie will no doubt be pleased to know that he can defend his handicap win the Monday after the Ben race.

July Results
Runner Actual Finish Time Finish Order Time Order
Alistair 00:30:51 12:55:16 1 6
Pete S 00:43:50 12:57:05 2 13
Cameron M 00:30:19 12:59:27 3 4
Bruce S 00:28:55 12:59:38 4 5
Colwyn J 00:40:06 12:59:56 5 12
Mike R 00:27:26 13:00:00 6 2
Ian McM 00:34:00 13:00:10 7 10
Andy W 00:40:05 13:00:19 8 11
Paul F 00:26:43 13:00:54 9 1
Jamie 00:28:30 13:01:04 10 3
Cameron B 00:32:10 13:01:20 11 8
Gordon C 00:33:19 13:01:23 12 9
Paul H 00:31:45 13:01:41 13 7
Mike L 00:45:12 13:03:38 14 14
Garth Fitz 00:49:00 13:12:00 15 15

With the mini heatwave still in progress and the school holidays kicking off we had a surprisingly robust number of runners out today.
A late start for Pete possibly denied him a victory, but as he didn't note his time we'll never be sure. Nonetheless he set off slightly ahead of Mike with Colwyn in hot pursuit.
Ian had brought along his mate Garth for his first attempt at the route, a bit ambitious really for someone who is more a footballer than a runner but fair play to him he dived in, following Alistair off, even taking the short-grass zig-zag route up the first slope.
Lack of route knowledge was one of his problems -getting stuck on the top of Whinny probably didn't help his time and luckily Richard B was ghosting round the route after arriving late and hoping to try catch at least some of us and found him and led him in the right direction down the scree.
Next off was Ian, followed shortly by Gordon and THOSE shorts, a brace of Camerons were next - Mr Murray preceding Mr Burt by a couple of seconds. PaulH, myself followed before the trio of backmarkers Jamie, MikeR and Paul started to chase us down.
Out on the course as Pete and Colwyn amongst others noticed it was patently obvious how hot it was out there with all that puffing and blowing, although going down seemed to be giving the most pleasure.
Allister timed his return to the course with some good form and knocked a huge chunk off his handicap taking him close to breaking 30 minutes, a little later a clutch of us arrived with a wee gap back to Garth - who'll be given something closer to his actual time as his start time for next Month

June results - a new record

With PaulF running into a rich seam of form after victory at Glas Tulaichan and 5th place in the Scottish champs race at Yetholm it was only fitting that his third race in three race days should see him break Stuart's hold on the course record with a 25:49 to also record his first handicap win.
Conditions were pretty good, with dry, firm surfaces and not much wind to upset the runners. First starter, after a long lay-off was Kenny - his time included a few detours and a couple of pauses for direction from the following runners. Good to see him out as it was the rest of the group. When you arrive for a later set off time you have no idea who is in front of you, but luckily with so many tried legs after the weekends activities I was able to see most of the runners who were out today at some point en-route.
Just about everyone seemed to be going up the gutted haddie even though it is getting a bit loose lower down and again the direct out and back route to Dunsapie is the favoured option of the moment.
Matteo reeled in Kenny about the summit of Whinny, with Paul storming through after him.
Further back PaulH was doing a bit of a Derek with a high heart rate forcing him to sit down and gather his thoughts at the top of Whinny. Mind you I doubt if I could have caught him otherwise.
Good day's running all in all with some excellent times, Jamie setting a new pb with his 27:26 being second fastest time of the day which knocks JamesB a bit further down the alltime rankings as well as outpacing MikeR who ran almost exactly on his handicap.
Good to see everyone bunching up in the end so the handicapping is not too far off - although Paul's is about to take a tumble :>)
Unless I'm mistake the July handicap will be on the 4th of July. Expect Gordon to wear his race shorts.

ps; I took splits this week in case anyone is interested in comparing time gaps going over Nether first rather than up the gutted haddie..
06:08 crags
13:51 nether
15:22 summit
16:51 crow
20:10 Dunsapie
24:47 whinny
28:54 finish

May results
Runner Predicted Actual fin time Fin Order Time Order
Pete S 00:48:30 00:45:00 12:56:30 1 13
Matteo 00:37:14 00:34:43 12:57:29 2 10
Cameron B 00:31:50 00:29:50 12:58:00 3 3
Eddie 00:34:48 00:33:00 12:58:12 4 9
Richard B 00:32:05 00:30:21 12:58:16 5 7
Colwyn J 00:41:00 00:39:20 12:58:20 6 12
Andy W 00:40:33 00:38:54 12:58:21 7 11
Cameron M 00:31:41 00:30:02 12:58:21 8 5
Gordon C 00:32:31 00:31:05 12:58:34 9 8
Jamie 00:29:09 00:28:42 12:59:33 10 1
James B 00:29:00 00:28:57 12:59:57 11 2
James Jarvis 00:29:48 00:30:00 13:00:12 12 4
Bruce S 00:28:55 00:30:09 13:01:14 13 6

Lots of fast times and not everyone was setting off at their correct times means the actual finishing order might not reflect the order below. Pete Shaw, fresh from his recent Corbett completion, took full advantage of his rather generous handicap put in the best show of the day. Despite the fact that he and Andy effectively started the whole lunchtime Arthurs seat running group back in the '90s he still has a few shortcuts to find so I expect that this time will come down further (starting on time will also help). Matteo, by contrast a relative newcomer, also took advantage of the fine conditions to take a large chunk off his handicap with a fine sub 35 minute run. Indeed a slew of pb's and sub handicap times meant that only two of us failed to beat the clock (my lucky 13th place and just behind JamesJ mirroring Ben Lomond). Fastest run of the day went to Jamie, one of four runners to get on or under 30 minutes.
April Reversicap results

Excellent turnout and lovely running weather with dry conditions underfoot.
New PB for James and first place, well done. Also new PBs for Gordon and Eddie.

Only consolation for me was that I made it to the bottom of the last hill, before anyone caught me. Then it all went to pot!!

Next month back to the usual way round.

March results
Runner Predicted
Finish Time Position Run Time Order
Paul H 00:33:00 00:29:45 12:56:45 1 5
Digby 00:37:41 00:34:48 12:57:07 2 14
Jamie 00:30:00 00:27:32 12:57:32 3 2
Richard B 00:32:47 00:30:40 12:57:53 4 6
Andy W 00:41:25 00:38:26 12:58:12 5 18
Mike R 00:28:00 00:26:13 12:58:13 6 1
Gordon C 00:33:28 00:31:54 12:58:26 7 8
Martin H 00:33:40 00:32:14 12:58:43 8 9
Mike L 00:41:18 00:40:05 12:58:47 9 20
Tom McN 00:38:09 00:37:15 12:59:06 10 16
Eddie 00:35:20 00:34:32 12:59:12 11 13
Paul F 00:28:19 00:27:33 12:59:37 12 3
James B 00:29:00 00:29:00 13:00:00 13 4
Cameron M 00:30:45 00:30:45 13:00:00 13 7
Chris H 00:33:54 00:33:54 13:00:00 13 12
RussellC 00:35:34 00:35:34 13:00:00 13 15
Matteo 00:37:25 00:37:25 13:00:00 13 17
Franck 00:39:00 00:39:00 13:00:00 13 19
Bernard D 00:31:00 00:32:38 13:01:38 19 10
Cameron B 00:31:00 00:33:30 13:02:30 20 11

Fantastic turnout for the March Handicap, with a record 20 runners out on the hill. Conditions underfoot were excellent, with a slight refreshing breeze.
Due to latecomers and early starters the actual finishing times will not necessarily match the official results.

We had 5 first-time handicappers (Cameron M, Russell, Franck, Chris and Matteo) so their times have been used as their handicap, hence the 1 o'clock finish time.
James B didn't have a watch, so I've given him his current handicap time as well.

Majority of us beat our handicap, with PBs from Andy, Digby, Martin, Richard, Jamie, Mike R, Paul H and Paul F.
Mike R was only 11s off Stewart W's course record of 26:02.

February results
Another double figure turnout today, which was not bad considering the school mid-term and post Carnethy5 effects.
First man home was Richard Bell, taking full advantage of last months fact finding run and running 2:40 quicker. A close finish for second saw JamesJ hold off PaulF, Paul recording the fastest time of the day to come within a whisker of the getting under the 28minute mark. Martin also scraped his gorse scraped legs inside his handicap, with Gordon leading home Andy for 5th place. Mind you, if Andy had arrived 2minutes earlier and set off at his correct time he would have placed 2nd ;>) Digby was this months victim of the handicapper, his run last month, combined with his run at Carnethy on Saturday saw me take a chunk off his handicap. Despite this he still managed to get to within 30 seconds of it. Eddie was the only one to have the decency to show the effects of Carnethy, but even then he still managed to hold off Tom and MikeL (whose gradual comeback saw him run 7 minutes faster than last month but still pick up the wooden spoon).

January results

Another icy one to start the year. If you add to the dodgy running surface a couple of newbies and some 'not for a long time'bie's, mix in some uncoordinated watches, some 'jogging around cause it was "too icy"/"the day after a hard cross country"/"forgotten watch"' etc and the results are all over the place.

Fastest time of the day went to Paul Faulkner, thanks to his Kahtoola spikes. After only running the one handicap race last year Alistair used his handicap to full advantage to record a victory. Newcomers Digby and Richard have been repositioned in the results to reflect their actual run, Digby being too pessimistic with his estimate and Richard too optimistic. Digby being another though who took advantage of his Kahtoola's to tame the conditions. Mike L on the other hand had a set of magic spikes, which weren't quite as effective, although possibly arriving 5 minutes late and just coming back from the xmas break didn't help his chances much.

Good to see a huge turnout on such a treacherous day.



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