Ben Lomond Hill Race
Sat 6th May 2006

Carnethy Runners
Stewart Whitlie
Stewart Whitlie, a week after winning Stuc a' Choin, on his way to first Over 40
Angela Mudge
..while Angela Mudge is on her way to 4th win out of 4 races in 10 days
Adam Ward and Adrian Davies
..leaving Adam Ward and Adrian Davies to chase her on the climb
Andy Spenceley
Andy Spenceley
Jill Mykura
Jill Mykura
John Blair-Fish
John Blair-Fish at speed
Bob Waterhouse
Bob Waterhouse wishes he'd stuck to the Saddleworth Moors
Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson shaved his head to save that extra bit of weight
Hilary Holding
Hilary Holding doing a Nigel Rose impersonation
Bill Henderson
Completing his 21st Carnethy 5 race this year has persuaded Bill Henderson (and vest) out of retirement
Bill Gauld
The one and only Bill Gauld
Robin Morris
Robin Morris finds an incentive to keep going
William Mykura
Willie Mykura
Colin Pritchard
Colin Pritchard's race tatics - make sure the opposition can't pass
Carnethy trio - Adrian, Angela and Ronnie
Remember the famous photo of Ovett, Coe and Cram poised to strike at Los Angeles Olympics, well..... perhaps not

Steven Fallon
Steven Fallon chases the Over 50 winner Ewan Patterson

Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston pulling through on the descent
Jon Ashcroft
New member, Jon Ashcroft, had a great descent
Andy Spenceley
Andy Spenceley looking forward to finishing
Joanne Anderson
This is what Joanne Anderson looked like before her fall. Hopefully her plastic surgery will have happened before you next see her.
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson trying to run incognito
Jane Robertson
Jane Robertson
Simon Peachey
Simon Peachey leads a strong group
Adrian Davis, Adam Ward and Ronnie Gallagher
Adrian & Adam look worried about the half-naked man chasing them
Bob Waterhouse
Bob on his way down
In trying to look cool for the photographer, Bob fails to notice the boulder. The next photo was censored.
Andy Spenceley and  Jon Ashcroft - clansman clearly visible!
With tired legs, Jon Ashcroft and Andy Spenceley struggle in the rough section
Colin Pritchard loves fast descents
A fast running Colin impresses an awe-struck female walker
Joanne Anderson
Mark Johnston and Jon Ashcroft stick together
Mark Johnston still has Stuc a' Choin in his legs as he leads Jon Ashcroft uphill
Willie Mykura floating over the ground
Willie finds the only flat and smooth bit of the race
A Selection of 'Others'
Joe Symonds leads Jethro Lennox up
Joe Symonds tries to take on Jethro but ultimately fails
'The Cobbler' (background)
The 10,000th Carnethy 5 race finisher, Murdo MacLeod of Westies
Leader Jethro Lennox
Looking like he should be in a Lowry painting, Jethro Lennox shows the form to win by a mile.

Dave Rodgers
Dave Rodgers who first won the race 16 years ago and can still come 2nd !

Malcolm Patterson
19 years after winning the race in one of the fastest times ever recorded (63-15), Malcolm Patterson is still running well
'The showers'
One good thing about Ben Lomond race is the washing facilities the organiser kindly provides
Chris Upson descending in style
One of the many falls!
Ooops !
Out of the woods and onto the hill
A trio descend
The leading juniors
Clubmates stick together in the junior race
Junior race
Alasdair Anthony leads Wright and Marshall up the hill
Colin Donnelly leads Euan Jardine
22 years after winning the race, Colin Donnelly is still one of the front runners as he leads Euan Jardine up the hill





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