The Two Breweries Fell Race 2003

The Start

Phil Mowbray(HBT)

John Coyle

Alec Keith(HBT)

The Stobo Marshall

Garry MacInnes
Chased by Nick on a Bike
It was a cool day with near perfect running conditions when the 102 starters assembled at Traquair for the 20th (Official) running of the race.
The underfoot conditions were fairly good on the way up Birkscairn and the descent into Glen Sax seemed easier than usual in the deep heather. The climb up Hundleshope was harder than usual as the gully path was all but hidden by bracken while the boggy traverse over to Glengrath was as dry as I can remember.
The support form Nick, Nick, Gilly, Serena and Moira was welcome before the trudge up the Stobo path and up Trehena and I managed to hold off the cramp in my old legs to get to the finish in a reasonable time.
John Coyle was 3rd, Chris Davies and Garry MacInnes ran well to make Carnethy 2nd team. Kate Jenkins stormed off Birkscairn to gain the lead and win the race in a PB. Alison Powell also ran but with only 2 ladies we didn't have enough to make a team.
So our Rivals HBT ended up with Both Team prizes and most of the Beer, as you can see from the Photos of Dick Below!

A great race as usual, many thanks to the organisers.

results are on the Two Breweries Web Site

Willie Gibson

Chris Davies
The Two Breweries (A view from the back)
By Alasdair Hind

On saturday morning I was still wondering if I really was fit enough for all those miles and all that uping. I spared myself most of the nervous hanging about bit by being so late that I almost had to beg for a number from the race registration man, who was watching the pre-start gathering on the lawn of Trakware House (the old spelling is easier... ). Just had chance to say hello to the Carnethies that I knew and we were off. Running up a tree lined avenue seemed a very majestical start to a hill race.

The first leg was really enjoyable (apart from the long traverse on a vole track) and I was in good spirits at the first road, where I was met by my personal support (Sandra had come along to keep an eye on me). For me the real adventure was beginning and I felt nervous that the next leg was taking me further than I'd run before. Perhaps it was this that made the middle leg the hardest for me, my legs felt tired and I was too aware that I still had a longish leg and another hill to go (being able to see it on the other side of the valley didn't help). Getting to Stobo lifted my spirits despite getting told off by my coach for walking along the road to the checkpoint (me no like tarmac).

The section through the old estate was lovely. Tree lined tracks gave an easy jog and a nice break from having to stare at your feet. I even overtook someone ! The route marking had been so good that it was a bit confusing to find myself reaching for the map. I'd lapsed into expecting a little orange flag showing where to leave the track and head up towards Trahenna Hill. A friendly group of four coalesced around the map, some of the confusion was that the only runner in sight appeared to be on the wrong bit of hill. We set off in what turned out to be the right direction.... unfortunately. I had expected the last climb to be hard work but hadn't bargained on it being so steep, I always thought the Borders were rolling hills. By the time I'd got to the top the drizzle had set in but I could see Broughton. The run/shuffle down the ridge was great but I picked the wrong line at the end and had a steep stagger down through the rabbit warrens. Coming into Ratchill Farm I converged with one of the people I'd overtaken on the climb and tried to match his pace but it was obvious when we got to the road that it wasn't going to last. It seemed a very long way through the village and out to the Brewery but the encouragment from runners, long finished, wandering back up to the village hall helped. I couldn't quite believe it when I turned in at the Brewery, I'd done it. Willie G and Moira had kindly waited for a finishing photo and Sandra was there to prop me up when my legs went all wobbly, and of course there was the bottle of beer !! What a fantastic day !!!
Alec Keith(HBT)

Kate Jenkins

Elsie Scott

Willie Gibson

Duncan Baker (HBT)

Brian Howie


Kate waiting for the Beer

Kate with the Bee

2/3 of the Mens Team

Dick Gloats

We Relax

With Pints

Sunday start fromTweedsmuir
Sunday with the Saddleworths
Andy Spenceley

On the Sunday morning we realised the real reason why it was a good idea to have invited Saddleworth up for the Breweries. A lovely sunny day ... but what woke the runners from deep in their sleeping bags in Tweedsmuir Village Hall was not the sun steaming in, but the lovely smell of bacon, and much more, being cooked on the village hall stove. Yes, Saddleworth comes with their own cook, the lovely Jo !
She soon had everybody fed and before long we were heading out the village hall and up Nether Oliver Dod. We were supposed to be heading up Upper Oliver Dod, but what with the whisky and beer from the night before and Hilary leading, one Dod was much like another, so Nether it was. From there we followed the Culter Fell route, down into the valley, through the river and up Glenlood Hill, a beautiful run in the sun with autumn colours and the bracken dying away. With excellent views all round, we were able to point out the local sights to our Saddleworth guests, such as the route of the Chapelgill Hill race (!) and as far as you could see, rolling border hills. We then headed south along the ridge to Coomb Hill, though with the Breweries race in their legs most missed out the summit, before heading back across to the southern end of the Dods and down to Tweedsmuir. After the hard race and evening the day before, the relaxing run, making you glad to be out on the hills, was just what was required.

Hilary leads the way

up the track

Up oliver Dodds

Hilary Fenceley


Thats Andy on the hill

Returning to Tweedsmuir


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