Bens of Jura Fell Race 29th May 2004

Joanne Anderson reports:
The weather forecast didn't look too great, never mind finding the correct route and the ups and downs. I had studied the map well and had ventured over the Paps the weekend before with Andy, Hilary and Bill, in glorious weather, who gave me tips on the best routes to follow.

Initial concerns could not have been so wrong - this is an excellent race. We awoke to midges and mist but it looked like it was going to clear - no excuses then.

After leaving the distillery at 10.30 sharp we headed up towards the first summit through the bog. Runners were appearing in the mist from all directions at the summit of Dubh Bheinn. I discovered later a few got lost here! But after descending off the third hill, the mist cleared and we headed off towards Beinn Chaolais. The views for the remainder of the race were excellent. The fairly big climb up Beinn Chaolais was hard but I really enjoyed it. A few more ups and downs until we headed to the second last hill, Beinn Shiantaidh. Out of water - it got a bit harder and perhaps not so much fun. Despite reminders of which route to take off Shiantaidh I made the mistake of following a few others and had to hop, slip and jump over some big boulders before getting back onto the "kind of" path towards Corra Beinn, the last summit. I wasn't looking forward to the descent to the Bridge over that nice tussocky stuff, however the water in the stream was inviting so I kept plodding away. Eventually onto the road I wasn't very sociable and left those I had descended with and kept my eyes focused on the distillery - the end. Great support from the locals and all those out on the hill. Lots of tea and cakes at the finish, a t-shirt, whisky and a great day out on the hill.

Great runs from Gary MacInnes, Stewart Barrie, Dave Walker, Brian Howie, Paula Drouet, Hilary Spenceley, me and everyone else. A great weekend meeting new and old friends, some of who had an epic journey from as far south as Dartmoor just to get to the start. But that's another tale.


Kate Jenkins reports:

On awakening, not a single hill was visible. My heart sank. They were totally lost in clag. Gradually the sun pushed through and the Paps appeared momentarily.
Minutes before the start, every hill vanished again and the run over the first three hills was in pea soup. I was feeling surprisingly strong after last week's Peaks race and pushed on up the first hill ahead of where I would normally be. I was sure I was lost but suddenly popped out at the first top and I was surprised to see a large group of people who had been ahead who were now ascending the top from totally the wrong direction. I grinned in glee.
There was my mistake.
A group of ten of us belted on to the second top. Or did we? No, we descended totally the wrong ridge and vanished down into some mysterious valley. Twenty minutes later, there was a momentary clearing, and far to the right, high up, we saw a line of runners. After a long, hot climb we were back on track but it was like running the London Marathon. There were now hoards of people all about and it was hard to break free. I was furious with my carelessness and pushed on ridiculously hard. Having been lead lady before my mess-up, I was now passing lots of ladies- 6 in total till my adrenaline stabilised! I crawled up the now clag-free first Pap, with second lady and pulled away from her on the final climb. I hurtled down my favourite bit - the brilliant Pap 1 scree/rock descent, chasing Ben, who was in turn chasing rolling boulders! I landed upon Stewart whose Lightfoot had erupted and he said he was "out", but tied it up remarkably well with the aid of the marshals and completed the race.
The leading lady kindly stopped to help an injured person for 5 minutes and I felt bad pressing on. The rest of the race was a beautiful, exhausting and dehydrated "make-the-best-of-a-mess-up"! I was seriously struggling off the last hill due to total dehydration - my fault for not carrying water. I almost passed out at the end and leapt in the sea to shock the body out of nausea mode. 6 cups of tea, 3 pints of water and plenty wonderful home baking later I contemplated my run and vowed never to "follow" again. Garry came in with a similar, but worse tale. His love of the second hill was, I believe, so strong that he decided to ascend it twice in circular motion.
A thoroughly brilliant and friendly day with many thanks to Andy Curtis and marshals for their dedicated organisation.


1 Tim Lenton Carnethy Hill Runners 03:36:25  
2 Ian Holmes Bingley Harriers 03:41:38  
3 Ronnie Gallagher Westerlands CCC 03:41:55 V40
4 Gary Devine Pudsey & Bramley AC 03:42:45  
5 Robin Lawrence Bingley Harriers 03:44:27  
6 Adam Ward Carnethy Hill Runners 03:45:04 V40
7 Graham Schofield Horwich RMI 03:52:17 V40
8 Pete Wilkin Thirsk & Sowerby 03:55:21 V40
9 David Taylor Dark Peak Fell Runners 03:55:22  
10 Ian Cowie Mercia Fell Runners 03:55:34 V40
11 Glen Davies Mercia Fell Runners 03:55:35 V40
12 Mark Shaw Jura AC 03:59:28 Jura
13 Colin Moses Bingley Harriers 04:01:39  
14 Chris Upson Westerlands CCC 04:02:01 V40
15 Tim Laney Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 04:02:16 V40
16 Jack Holt Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 04:08:24 V50
17 Colin Brash Girvan AC 04:08:34  
18 James Jackson Dartmoor Runners 04:11:44  
19 Nigel Jenkins Dartmoor Runners 04:13:42 V40
20 Gavin Williams Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:14:02 V40
21 Kieran Carr Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 04:14:15 V50
22 John Hepburn Lochaber AC 04:15:12 V40
23 Tim Hawley Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:18:42 V40
24 Rod Harris Long Eaton AC 04:24:25  
25 Stuart Crabtree Pennine Fell Runners 04:24:31  
26 Stephen Pyke Staffordshire Moorlands AC 04:25:22  
27 Andy Howie Pennine Fell Runners 04:33:02  
28 Jim Bell Denby Dale Travellers 04:34:01 V40
29 Marcus Covell   04:36:57 Islay
29 David White JW Kilmarnock Harriers 04:36:57  
31 David Atkinson Northumberland Fell Runners 04:39:52 V40
32 Kate Jenkins Carnethy Hill Runners 04:40:19 L
33 Neil Drake Totley AC 04:40:59  
34 John Nuttall Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 04:42:50 V60
35 Michael Diver Clydesdale Harriers 04:43:07  
36 Paul Tuson Kendal AC 04:45:54 V40
37 Nat Taylor Girvan AC 04:46:25 V50
38 Nicky Lavery Helm Hill Runners 04:47:34 LV40
39 Peter Browning Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 04:47:57 V40
40 John Wootton Wharfedale Harriers 04:49:28 V40
41 Richard Scottney Pennine Fell Runners 04:49:33 V50
42 Steffen Gorgas Westerlands CCC 04:49:45  
43 Kevin Spilman Cheltenham Harriers 04:49:56  
44 John Doidge Dartmoor Runners 04:51:49 V40
45 Helen Thorburn Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:53:12 L
46 Crawford Spence Westerlands CCC 04:54:38  
47 Lynn Bland Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:54:59 LV40
48 Richard Hopkinson Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:55:18 V50
49 Robert Davison Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:55:49  
50 Rick Robson Mercia Fell Runners 04:58:12 V40
51 David Ward Cumberland Fell Runners 04:58:18  
52 Murdo MacLeod Westerlands CCC 04:58:38 V50
53 Alice Brockington Dark Peak Fell Runners 04:59:34 L
54 Nick Wallis   04:59:45  
55 Stewart Barrie Carnethy Hill Runners 04:59:57  
56 Martin Hirst Denby Dale Travellers 05:01:12 V50
57 Roger Irving Annan & District AC 05:02:02 V40
58 Philip Rigby   05:02:47 V40
59 Dave Makin Achille Ratti 05:02:50 V40
60 Stephen Woods Ambleside AC 05:04:15 V40
60 Richard Cunningham Carnegie Harriers 05:04:15  
62 Nick Hewitt Bowland Fell Runners 05:04:38 V50
63 Roy Small Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:08:14 V50
64 Richard Leonard Todmorden Harriers 05:08:19 V40
65 John Goldsworthy Galloway Harriers 05:08:34  
66 Alan Kenny Achille Ratti 05:08:44 V50
67 Selwyn Wright Ambleside AC 05:08:47 V40
68 Jon Sharples Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 05:09:17 V40
69 Garry Macinnes Carnethy Hill Runners 05:09:41  
70 Albert Sunter Horwich RMI 05:11:26 V40
71 Matt Range   05:12:26  
72 Richard Hakes Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:13:19 V40
73 Denis Rankin Belfast ARF 05:13:30 V50
74 Frank Fielding Pennine Fell Runners 05:14:15 V50
75 Richard Topliss Pennine Fell Runners 05:15:14  
76 Neil Hodgkinson Todmorden Harriers 05:16:58  
77 Stephen Brock Keighley & Craven AC 05:17:16  
78 Philip Helliwell Bingley Harriers 05:17:53 V50
79 Mark Graham Cumberland Fell Runners 05:18:53 V40
80 David Aspden Dallam 05:19:04  
81 John Doyle Pennine Fell Runners 05:19:34  
82 Chris Speight Ambleside AC 05:19:52 V40
83 Neil Oxley   05:20:10 V50
84 Andrew Walmsley Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 05:20:45 V50
85 Jonathan Appleby Highland Hill Runners 05:21:23 V40
86 Timothy Ray Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:21:39  
87 Mark Stringfellow Horwich RMI 05:23:55 V40
88 Jane Leather Ambleside AC 05:24:32 L
89 Trevor Wilson Belfast ARF 05:25:18 V40
90 Stephen Forster Preston Harriers 05:25:29  
90 Steve Wathall Retford AC 05:25:29 V40
92 David Walker Carnethy Hill Runners 05:27:47  
93 Jamie Fulton Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:27:50 V50
94 Peter Jagan Bingley Harriers 05:31:54 V50
95 Dave Lockwood Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:31:55 V50
96 Iain Davidson Girvan AC 05:36:19 V40
97 Billy Magee Larne AC 05:36:49 V60
97 Mervyn McCollam Larne AC 05:36:49  
97 Mark McManus Larne AC 05:36:49  
97 Corey Urwin Larne AC 05:36:49  
101 Paul Sanderson Dark Peak Fell Runners 05:37:08 V40
102 Jim Hart   05:37:55  
103 Ian Goodyear Bingley Harriers 05:38:09 V50
104 Scott Muir Jura AC 05:40:09 Jura
105 Richard Clarke North York Moors AC 05:40:31 V60
106 Mick Robinson Notts AC 05:40:46 V40
106 Glen Coleman Long Eaton AC 05:40:46 V40
108 Jane Smith Todmorden Harriers 05:44:26 LV40
109 Donald MacPhee Kildalton AC 05:47:56 Islay V40
110 Adam Forrest Dartmoor Runners 05:48:48  
111 Alison Richards Todmorden Harriers 05:50:13  
112 Joanne Anderson Carnethy Hill Runners 05:51:03 L
113 Nigel Priestley Annan & District AC 05:51:34 V40
114 John Korowajczyk Cheltenham Harriers 05:55:30  
114 Phil Thomas   05:55:30  
114 Colin Gilmour   05:55:30 V40
117 Andrew Bibby Todmorden Harriers 05:55:44 V50
118 Alan Brentnall Pennine Fell Runners 05:57:50 V50
119 Peter Whewell North York Moors AC 06:00:08 V50
120 Martin Reid Jura AC 06:03:10 Jura V40
121 Alison Bramall Ambleside AC 06:03:25 LV40
122 Steven O'Keeffe Cumberland Fell Runners 06:03:33  
123 Alastair Noble Girvan AC 06:05:22 V50
124 David Clarkson Cumberland Fell Runners 06:09:38 V40
125 Jonathan Cragg   06:11:52 V40
126 Hilary Spenceley Carnethy Hill Runners 06:12:00 LV40
127 Peter Thompson   06:12:18 V40
128 Andy McLeod Moorfoot Hill Runners 06:13:53 V50
129 Neil Gow Jura AC 06:15:40 Jura
130 Stewart Gardner Northumberland Fell Runners 06:15:53 V50
130 Charlotte Roberts Northumberland Fell Runners 06:15:53 LV40
132 Hugh Cotton Dark Peak Fell Runners 06:19:50 V50
133 Brian Howie Carnethy Hill Runners 06:21:20 V50
134 John Gunnee Dark Peak Fell Runners 06:22:14 V40
135 Sue Roberts Todmorden Harriers 06:26:49 LV40
135 Martin Roberts Todmorden Harriers 06:26:49 V40
137 Andy Parritt Dartmoor Runners 06:29:13 V40
137 Ally Martin Dartmoor Runners 06:29:13 L
139 Paula Drouet Carnethy Hill Runners 06:29:30 LV40
140 Peter Sturgess Long Eaton AC 06:30:28 V40
141 Andy Dickenson Dark Peak Fell Runners 06:30:29 V40
142 Jayne Bowe Helm Hill Runners 06:30:39 L
142 Jan McKenzie Helm Hill Runners 06:30:39 L
144 Maurice Musson Dark Peak Fell Runners 06:31:09 V50
145 Tony Varley Horwich RMI 06:32:32 V50
146 Philip Walters Long Eaton AC 06:36:36  
147 Gordon Muir Jura AC 06:39:06 Jura V40
148 Michael Poulter Dark Peak Fell Runners 06:47:03 V50
149 Robert Palmer Wharfedale Harriers 06:47:23 V40
150 Dennis Beard Gritstone Club 06:56:12 V60
151 Michael Walton Jura AC 06:59:35 Jura
152 David Wolfendale Bowland Fell Runners 06:59:50 V50
153 Richard Wade Holmfirth Harriers 07:04:00  
154 Christopher Richardson   07:08:32  
154 Archie Gibson   07:08:32 V40
156 Edward Watson Northumberland Fell Runners 07:34:17 V50
  Barry Johnson Cumberland Fell Runners retired V60
  Christopher Walton Jura AC retired Jura
  Robin Gray YMCA Manchester retired V50
  Ken Peart Gritstone Club retired V60

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