Tiso's Carnethy '5'
Photo Report
February 14th, 2004

Excitement mounts before the start...

Where would we be without the officials

The juniors head off to Scald Law

Little red running hat

The end at last!

A junior sprint finish

A perfect V of runners head off...

to become an impressive line on the hill

Helen Murray, 1st lady vet, digs in up Scald Law

Charlie's Loup - bottleneck

Angela and Jill are amongst the front runners

Moira Stewart in the pack

Over 450 runners took part

Filing through Charlie's Loup

The 'crocodile' climbs Scald Law

It looks like mist....

but it's actually steam!

Although the leaders were in the mist.

the pack generates its own 'cloud'

Colin enjoying the climb!

Meanwhile back at the start - Roger says 'Roger'

Alex kept Joanne company all the way round

A good view of Carnethy - the last climb

In the 'fug'

Hands on knees for the climb

Jill pushes up Scald Law

Olly in the group

Three yellow vests

And still they come..

Jill Tait descending Carnethy

A good descending technique is crucial

Stuart Barrie

Robin Haynes

The view from Carnethy's shoulder

It's all downhill from here!

It was muddy in bits!

Carnethy won team prize in both the men's and...

ladies events.

It takes a wee while for the euphoria to kick in!

Phil Davis congratulates Jethro Lennox

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