Goatfell Hill Race 2004
Robin Haynes

Goat Fell proved rather too eventful an event for some. Race day was dry and warm with the summit clear as the pack pounded along the road from Brodick to the foot of the hill. I had surmised that the track through the forest would prove distressingly run-able, but was a little dismayed to discover the path beyond over the moorland to the foot of the ridge was too, and it was with some relief that I reached the final steep granite boulders of the ridge. I could have sworn that Ronnie Gallagher was quite a way off the front and in third spot as the leaders whizzed past me on their way down. Snatching a view of the Rosa Pinnacle and Cir Mhor whilst on the summit, I set about the descent, at which point this narrative should convey my apologies to Brian Howie for nearly flattening him as I exploited the strong gravitational pull and the extra grippy Arran granite boulders. It seemed to take no time to get from the ridge onto the path across the hillside, but curiously, I seemed to be gaining on a few folk ahead. This seemed odd, for I don’t usually advance through the field. Then I saw a boulder covered in fresh blood, surrounded by a few further pools of blood and then a bloody trail continued on. Must be that bloke ahead in the greeny-yellow dayglo top I thought- surely he cannot last losing all that blood. Then I caught Derek Bearhop, who was not wearing a greeny-yellow dayglo top. He looked at me and asked if he had a cut in his forehead or “was it just [his] nose that was bleeding?” I looked at him. His face (and arms, legs, top and shorts) was entirely covered in blood, with what looked remarkably like a bullet hole (at least, the sort I’ve seen in films) on his forehead as well as gashes across the bridge of his nose, his chin and indeed everywhere else on his face, not to mention a sizeable divot out of his shoulder. I couldn’t see how he could look like that and not be concussed, but he was adamant he was for carrying on. We trotted down the hill and met the MRT who had staked out a point not far above the forest. Relieved to pass the duty of care to people who actually knew what to do, I put my head down (although not as far down as Derek had earlier) and ran off into the trees, passed a bloke with a sprained ankle in a greeny-yellow dayglo top and on to Brodick and the finish. Having had his cranium taped together, Derek fought off the attempts by various marshals to get him to abandon and completed in 58th spot. The logic, he explained, was that he was not going to let all the effort in getting up the hill in a hurry go to waste and running was the fastest way off the hill anyway. However, the paramedics reckoned he needed further attention, but as he was bundled into the ambulance and taken to the island’s hospital at Lamlash, news was coming through from the hill that somebody else had had a bad fall and was going to be carried off the hill. It became evident that this poor sole was in fact Jane Robertson. Word was that she was being taken straight to Lamlash Hospital.

After a shower, several mugs of tea and some very much needed sandwiches and cake, I jumped on my bike and peddled wearily over to Lamlash, only to discover that Derek had hitched a lift back to Brodick in the ambulance I passed en route. In the hospital, I was told he “had cleaned up nicely” whilst the doctor was still with Jane who was “in good spirits”. This struck me as being a poor indicator of Jane’s well being- she always seems to be smiling and cheerful! Sorry to miss you there, Jane- I had to dash back up the road to see if the other wounded party needed to go home.
I caught up with the other wounded party sitting rather forlornly outside the tent in Glen Rosa, drinking tea and clutching a note about head injuries the hospital had given him. Miraculously, he had not broken any teeth or his nose, was not concussed and had been deemed to have enough blood left to allow him to be discharged. No stitches either- he had literally been glued back together. He did seem a bit miffed that the medical view was that he shouldn’t drink for 24 hours though. In Brodick, we met up with Dougie Shiel who told us that Jane’s injuries merited urgent surgery and she was being airlifted off the island. Sitting in the evening sun, with the damage partly hidden behind a beerglass, Derek ruefully reflected that he had, in a perverse way, been rather lucky. Jane, many folk were asking after you and I know I am not alone in wishing you a speedy recovery.

The race……well Ronnie Gallagher won having pulled past Dave Cummins on the final road section, first Carnethy was Adam Anderson in 4th and first (of very few….where were you all?) lady was Alice Scriven in 1.43.04. Many thanks to Paul Emsley and Arran Runners who made this an excellent event (with the possible exception of making us run round the rugby pitch at the beginning and the end)- it is a big shame the rescue arrangements were needed.


posn name club time cat.
1 Ronnie Gallagher Westerlands 01.21.49 M40
2 Dave Cummins Shettleston 01.22.14 SM
3 Andy Kitchin Lothian 01.23.17 SM
4 Adam Anderson Carnethy 01.24.02 SM
5 Brian Robertson Arran Runners 01.24.11 M40
6 Alan Smith Deeside Runners 01.25.53 M40
7 Nick Bulloss Arran Runners 01.26.19 SM
8 Taylor Delhagen Edinburgh Hares & Hounds 01.26.48 SM
9 Chris Upson Westerlands 01.27.32 M40
10 Manuel Gorman Westerlands 01.28.27 SM
11 Ewan Jack Kirkintilloch Olympians 01.29.55 SM
12 Colin Brash Girvan 01.30.03 SM
13 Damon Rodwell Westerlands 01.30.58 SM
14 Ken MacMahon Bellahouston Road Runners 01.31.32 SM
15 Nat Taylor Girvan 01.32.24 M50
16 Simon Templeman Ochil Hill Runners 01.32.48 SM
17 Alan Miller Arran Runners 01.33.06 SM
18 Michael Diver Clydesdale Harriers 01.34.20 SM
19 Ewan McKay Ochil Hill Runners 01.34.27 M40
20 Richie Cunningham Carnegie Harriers 01.34.40 SM
21 Peter Buchanan Ochil Hill Runners 01.34.50 M40
22 Ron McCraw Ochil Hill Runners 01.36.36 M40
23 Crawford Spence Westerlands 01.36.40 SM
24 Andy Birnie Bellahouston Road Runners 01.36.43 SM
25 Tosh Brannan Lothian 01.37.09 M40
26 Murdo MacLeod Westerlands 01.37.18 M50
27 Chris Stanger Arran Runners 01.37.48 SM
28 Colin Miller Irvine 01.38.02 M40
29 Keith Blackhall Lochaber 01.38.13 SM
30 Don Ried Westerlands 01.38.59 M40
31 Stuart Gray Lochaber 01.40.04 M40
32 Leddie Burns Shettleston 01.40.14 M40
33 John Blair Fish Carnethy 01.42.43 M50
34 Niall MacBeath Lochaber 01.42.55 SM
35 Alice Scriven   01.43.04 SL
36 Alex Jack   01.44.09 SM
37 Roderick Pugh J W Kilmarnock 01.44.34 M40
38 Alasdair Murray J W Kilmarnock 01.44.34 SM
39 Kenny Lang   01.44.39 M40
40 Mark Wallace Bellahouston Road Runners 01.44.59 SM
41 Robin Haynes Carnethy 01.47.27 SM
42 Finlay Dowell Irvine 01.47.36 M40
43 Richie Adamson   01.48.10 M40
44 Garry Fraser   01.48.20 SM
45 Tommy Begley Irvine 01.48.30 SM
46 David Duncan Ochil Hill Runners 01.48.42 M40
47 Dougal Ross Bellahouston Road Runners 01.48.46 SM
48 Dougie Shiel Carnethy 01.48.56 M40
49 Iain Davidson Girvan 01.50.16 M40
50 Amanda Blackhall Lochaber 01.50.31 SL
51 Dick Wall H.B.T 01.50.59 M40
52 Alasdair Hood East Fife T.C. 01.51.21 M40
53 Fraser Dalziel Westerlands 01.53.32 SM
54 Alison Winship Garscube Harriers 01.53.33 SL
55 Gordon Eadie Musselburgh 01.53.34 M40
56 Brian Howie Carnethy 01.54.22 M50
57 Kate Kitchin Lothian 01.54.29 SL
58 Paul Emsley Arran Runners 01.54.31 M40
59 Dennis Padden Arran Runners 01.55.18 M50
60 Derek Bearhop Carnethy 01.55.50 M40
61 Bish McAra   01.55.56 M40
62 Tim Downie Troon Tortoises 01.55.58 M40
63 David Meek   01.58.38 M50
64 Ian McManus Irvine 01.59.51 M60
65 Andrew Kerr Troon Tortoises 02.01.06 SM
66 Pete McClelland   02.02.18 SM
67 Nicky McDonald Lochaber 02.02.50 SL
68 Tom Bailey Arran Runners 02.04.00 M40
69 Ian McNee Irvine 02.06.34 M40
70 Janice Miller Arran Runners 02.09.14 SL
71 Alastair Noble Girvan 02.09.27 M50
72 Robbie Whiteman   02.09.36 SM
73 Susan Hyatt   02.13.21 SL
74 Adam Anderson Solway 02.13.43 M60
75 Mary Miller Irvine 02.14.00 W40
76 William Tallan Bellahouston Road Runners 02.15.22 M40
77 Cameron Taylor Bellahouston Road Runners 02.16.23 SM
78 Colin Turbett Arran Runners 02.17.07 M40
79 Kenny McMillan   02.22.31 SM
80 Iain Fullarton   02.25.43 M50
81 Jean Stevenson Irvine 02.26.16 W40
82 Pat McLaughlin Westerlands 02.26.50 W50
83 Max McFarlane Kilbarchan 02.34.36 M50
84 Iain Hamilton Irvine 02.58.47 M60


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