Tunnock's Scottish Islands Peaks Race, 2004

Arran Marshal's Story

The ferry arrives at Ardrossan. Wind farm in background

Jetskis buzz around the ferry. Arran's mountains in the background

The jetskiers used our ferry's bow waves for jumps, till we were half way across.

Stewart and Adrian arrive, more sedately, at Mull on Friday

Stewart and Adrian, running on Mull.

Barbecue on the pier at Lamlash on Saturday evening

We watch the day's last ferry leaving Brodick on Saturday
Adrain Davies about to set off up Goatfell, 2am!
The night watch was quiet - only 2 boats came between midnight and 4am but the time passed quickly thanks to Tunnocks snowballs and the other marshals!

A few hours later we returned to find Adam and Dermot beating Adrian and Stewart's overall run time.

They ignore the SLOW sign on the road

Elsie beat them back to the pier

But where is their dingy? Their sailors had fallen asleep!

Carnethy's 'Balamory' youth team on Mull.

We left to climb Goatfell before Paula was needed for her next watch and met Dave and Kate coming back along Brodick's main street.

Then Phil Davies and Jon Whitaker whisked past us at the bottom of the track up Goatfell

Glenalmond youth team descend Goatfell.

The view from the top, towards Jura.

The Paps of Jura clearly visible, didn't seem that far away (as the seagull flies!)

The boys from Tobermory were well up amongst the leaders.

But their 'master' didn't trust this one not to wander off!

The summit is on the left.

Four 'allrounders' (where the sailors run or is it the runners sail?)

Could you make it look like we're running?

A strange rock lizard.

The Tobermory team leave Goatfell behind.

The marshals return to base..

..and the ferry departs Brodick

The Glen Rosa Horseshoe and Goatfell from Brodick's front

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