11th February 2012
Fast times and record field at 42nd 'Tiso' Carnethy 5

Just some of the Carnethy runners
A massive field of 523 runners (including 83 Carnethy members) finished today's Carnethy 5, the first time there has been more than 500 finishers. Although a cold day for standing around, it was a great day for running, cool and a firm ground, if a bit icy in places.
c5 c5
GB Mountain Running Internationalist Orlando Edwards, from Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, running for his Scottish club HBT, pulled away from a strong chasing pack early on, to take a superb win in the 5th fastest time ever with Prasad Prasad (Squadra Porcini) taking the runner up spot half a minute down, not far in front of five times winner Rob Jebb (Bingley). Prasad was the only Scot in the top 5 as brothers Tom and Mark Addison (both GB International runners) from Helm Hill took 4th and 5th place.
top 3 men
The winning men L-R: Prasad, wearing a hat knitted
by Angela Mudge! (2), Orlando (1) and Rob (3)
ladies team winners
The winning ladies team: Angela Mudge, Jasmin Paris
(also sporting an Angela creation!) & Charlotte Morgan
For the women, Angela Mudge, wearing her usual number 13, easily won in a very fast 56 mins to record her 13th victory - who says 13 is unlucky! It was quite close for the runner up positions, but Sarah McCormack (Moorfoots) kept in front of Jasmin Paris and Catriona Buchanan (Ochil) to claim 2nd. The first 4 women were all under the hour, easily the most female sub hour runs in the race.
Once again Lochaber's Jimmy Jardine (race number 42) finished to complete his 42nd race! Even first Over 40, Kenny Richmond (Shettleston), wasn't born when Jimmy ran this race for the first time. However Kenny had a great run to retain his Over 40 title, while Duncan Ball (Penicuik) narrowly took the Over 50 from Adam Ward.
Jame Waldie had another great run in 11th place to get not only 1st Junior, but also first student in a close battle with Douglas Tullie.
After 4 years of Carnethy winning the Claymore, Shettleston finally claimed it with Carnethy taking second place. It was only the second time Shettleston had won the team prize, the last time being 1997 (nice to give them their occasional moment of glory so they don't get despondent !). However, the Carnethy team of Angela, Jasmin and Charlotte Morgan won the women's team from HBT, with Carnethy taking it for the third year in a row.

Reports from the field

This was my second Carnethy 5 race, previous race was under Portobello colours. We arrived in plenty of time as I was kindly allowed to hand out my leaflets about my run at registration.
During registration and preparation at the school, I had to be chasing Greg (son) as he almost did a demolition job of the Run4it stall, Monika laughed and said at least your warming up. We met up with the usual lot from Carnethy, Portobello etc, the usual banter was there as well. We boarded the bus which reminded of some old soviet bus as it made some interesting noises during our short journey.
We got to the start, Greg had the freedom of the bog/field which he loved. I warmed up and we met up with fellow Carnethies, for Monika it was the first time she attended a race where theres so many of us. I introduced her to many fellow members as she and Greg are social members. Then it was the quick team photo before the start.
So the start gun went of, the first climb I thought I take it slightly easy as I knew what will come, maybe I was bit cautious? So Skald law over and done with, great just the little ones before the big one Carnethy itself. After Skald law I began to push it and felt quite comfortable.
It was so good to see all the support for this great race, it really reminded me of the Tour De France crowds.
So the last climb - Carnethy, just when approaching it I saw my mate Roly and he gave me hell of shout to go for it. I noticed on my Garmin that I'm on course for a good time, so I gave my all on the climb.
I suddenley see Bob Waterhouse, we together went up and pulled eachover along, the descent was interesting I fell few times but otherwise it was a smooth way down. When getting to the gate, one member of the crowd shouted sprint like Bolt to the finish line, so why not? I sprinted like some wild animal. I cross the line and checked my Garmin - PB by 7 minutes!! I was so pleased!! What a race!!
This is a great race run by a great club which takes alot of effort to organise. Monika really felt welcomed by fellow members and is looking forward to seeing everyone soon.
A huge thanks go to Olly for organising this great race and letting me do a short speech about my run in the end.

Michael Nowicki

An excellent story from Nigel Rose will appear in the next Carnethy journal

Trotters Dominate Carnethy Hill Race and Tea Tent
WIth the race about to start there were still far too many punters in the tent, and wishing I had a bell, a yell "Time ladies and gentleman, drink up please" doing the trick.

We managed to catch the start of the race and the first finisher, whose glorious brown vest reminded us to get the teas poured. During the race, we off-loaded more tea and biscuits to the forgotten refugees left with bags and children while their dafter halves ran. Despite best efforts, children these days are far too sensible and refused to get up to mischief.

Back at the tea tent, tip top organisation, hours of time and motion analysis and the latest hi-tech management approach (put the women in charge and do as your told) meant the post race rush was barely noticeable. We even got away with serving some tea that looked more like dishwater and were still thanked. At some point the coffee ran out but none of could be bother to chase it. (If there are two jars of coffee next year it means someone actually read this drivel).

Niamh provided a tea tray service to the finish line officials and to those sensible ladies who made the most of their entry by staying on course for longer. You can't rush a good hill race.

With not a Carnethy member in sight, Trotter stalwarts cleared the kit over to the road before retiring to the Allan Ramsay Pub for a panic pint before the Prize giving. There, a sign said "Many have eaten here, few have died!" which would go we'll in the tea tent.

The above bears no resemblance to truth. Real credit goes to Fiona (Jane's work colleague), Joanne Thin and my daughter Niamh. Special credit goes to Jamie Thin for almost causing a domestic when emptying old tea bags too close to Joanne!

James Jarvis

*VDT = valuable drinking time
Carnethy Race Organiser Olly Stephenson had a problem, nobody could help, so he called in the HB Tea Tent Team (cue signature theme from Saturday night action series of the 1980s).

Not being a Carnethy member, you must forgive me for not beginning "I was born at an early age…. then listing my 3742 favourite hill running routes in chronological order".

Instead, arriving at the scene reminiscent of the Marie Celeste, the Tea Tent was there, in the paddy field below the eponymous hill looking exactly like, well a big tent used for scouts or village fairs. It had weathered the winter well since the previous year's race, and just needed a few Tibetan flags on the guy ropes in funereal black to set the scene and honour those garrotted by said guys in previous years. Amidst the mist rising from the field up popped Andy to check whether we possessed the correct credentials. Reassured by our Trotter patter, he was able to depart happy, presumably to help by banging sticks into the ground or some other such marshallish activity.

Lighting the burners was a thing requiring a safe pair of hands, the sort of hands that would not lacerate small children's legs at a school fair with tandem terror rides. Being Trotters though, the job was given over to Jamie Thin… Ollie not being around!

The only guidance given for the tea tent was to ensure the First Aiders did not scoff all the biscuits. After a tentative foray, they scuttled off with their bandages between their legs… great bit of deterrent although you may need to source some different first aiders next year. (To be fair, they had their revenge, holding a Trotter Damsel hostage later in the day and only after a visit by a delegation of YP, Nixon and Big Dick was the hostage released).

The arrival of the first bus of runners brought our first customers. Despite our best efforts to offload the whole lot of biscuits and tea before the race so we could make best use of VDT* post-race we still had plenty left. Quite a few offered to pay for their tea. Knowing Carnethy was footing the bill we would have none of it! Given our tea making skills I was surprised we did not have to pay them to drink it.

JBF Reports
When I did a final run round the course on Tuesday it was still frozen and icy
and it took me nearly two hours to get round. Temperatures warmed up, most of the ice turned to mud but I could still feel underlying frozen ground, especially on the descents, so automatically I took caution. Others did not seem to notice but perhaps they had not been round the course under ice or fallen off bicycles going to work.
Getting past through the trees after the start was as congested as ever. Having a gate at Charlie's loup just meant the congestion at the gate went up onto the path. There was some relief for me being able to pass others till the narrow path higher up. From the top of Scald Law I seem to be passing and repassing others till the ascent of Carnethy where I gained ground and was relieved to pass over-60s rival Martin Hulme.
After the congestion I felt I had a lot left. But then I just could not slide through the heather on the descent and Martin caught me.
Statistics showed I was three seconds faster than last year but twenty places lower and one vet 60 place lower.
Regrettably last year's vet 60 winner, Tom Scott was not in the race as he now has heart problems. So Jack Holt was first vet 60 but he was five minutes ahead of Martin and me.
Frustrated with the race I did a run up Caeketton and Allermuir from home on Sunday morning before Church and then a 30 mile bike ride to Gladhouse Reservoir in the afternoon.

John Blair-Fish

Robby MacBeath's video

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