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Social Runs 2014
15th Jan Penicuik Night Run
Social Runs 2013
27th Nov aberlady night run Aberlady Night Run
7th Nov Bonaly Night Run
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7th November 2013

Night run - Bonaly

Bit of strange night run for the first one this year. Arriving a bit early I was confused by the large group already gathered and setting off. Not us. A group of cyclists was confused by the question 'are you Carnethy?' Not us. Well it was dark. Finally at the last minute the mob arrived. Bill having measured the current flow in his head torch at some number of milliamps he set off up the track to find out if that meant he'd be stranded in pitch dark, a preparation for orienteering at Craigmillar. The rest of us set off in somewhat uncoordinated fashion. At Bonaly reservoir dam we left Helen, who was going to meet up with Nick to set up the fireworks. Meanwhile Nick was making his way to Torduff reservoir to set up the fireworks. Don't ask - I don't know.
After Capelaw we took the track down into the heart of the Pentlands. The sky cleared and we had a perfect night of stars and the sight of multiple lights as various bikers, walkers and runners criss crossed the hills. I fell down 3 holes. Back up Harbour hill then across to Capelaw again which the fast runners reascended and we traversed. We met up again with Helen who had kept warm on her lonely vigil by doing hill reps, though as ever she was far from downhearted. Hoping to meet Nick coming up the path we went down it, then accidentally headed to Torduff to add a mile or two, where we were greeted by a splendid firework display. With perfect timing the rain started as we reached the car park, thought the cyclists might not see it quite that way. The night was rounded off at Dantes with very good soup & pizza. What fun!
I'm sure we'll get the hang of these night run thingies.
13th Mar map Dalmeny Night Run
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13th March 2013

Night run - Dalmeny

Perfect still evening, and South Queensferry looking very scenic for the night run. 18 of us set off up the hill and through the station heading for West Craigie Hill, little remarked when you pass it in the car heading to the Forth Bridge, but with hidden delights (though you may need to go there in daylight to fully appreciate them). Returning via the pretty village of Dalmeny itself the unruly herd scattered at the last and Kate led a few through to an 'interesting' finish with a lot of crackling and thrashing in the undergrowth. An unusual beer on offer at the bar of the Hawes Inn - Titanic brewery'scappucino stout, and food.

13th Feb night run Flotterston Night Run
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13th February 2013

Not The Carnethy 5 Recce Night Run

night run night run night run
16 hardy souls (suckers!) and Cody turned up at Flotterstone on a foul night. We set off in very wet conditions and battered our way up a melting Turnhouse. The deep morning snow had turned into rivers as the thaw had set in. The wind was battering us on the summit. Jim took the fast group - himself! - set off last and finished first. Carnethy had lots more snow and was very icy underfoot in places but we all made it up safely only to be hit by a hurricane whiteout at the top as we tried to find the scree descent route. Once back on course we hurtled down to the gate at Charlie's Loup where we checked the padlock was working (so it can be opened on Saturday). Then it was back over the tussocks and along a new burn and back to an almost benign car park. 8 of us and Cody then dried out in front the fire in in the bar.
Unofficial nite run report: bloody hellish. Felt like a greetin' girl and was hallucinating about warmth... Oh, and could have died on top of Carnethy... Thanks to wonderful Michael Wilkinson for being the perfect gentleman. NEVER again. Going to give up running and take up drinking to excess!
Mandy Calder
16th Jan steading night run Swanston Night Run
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All Change at The Swanston Night Run - Wed 16th Jan
steading night run steading night run steading night run steading night run steading night run
It was all change at the Swanston Night Run last night, the first change was venue, Swanston Golf Club was shut so we moved the Start to "The Steading".
The next change was organiser, with Gordon injured he had to hand over the organisation to me, (he was cut up about it), at least he booked the meal.
The next change was 29 Carnethies into and out of running gear in The Steading Car park.
We headed off across Lothianburn Golf course and as we entered the Pentlands Park at the T wood the fast boys left us (Led by Andy F) and the rest of us ran along to the Dreghorn Valley and up Allermuir via the north face. We regularly regrouped to watch the "Carnethy Speed of Light" head torches of the fast boys speeding over the distant hills (head torches last night? it was daylight! in the snowy conditions).
From the summit of Allermuir it was back via Caerketton where we were joined again by the fast group, with reports of a third group (the late girls, Heather and Lindsey) met at Castlelaw. Then it was a night replay of the Caerketton Doonhiller and back to the pub.
The late non runners (Nigel and Shane) were there waiting and later Pete joined us and we all had a hearty meal. Nigel's food had already arrived and looked in some danger from the hungry hoardes.
That made a total of 34 Carnethies out, 31 of them for a wonderfully snowy winter run.
Willie Gibson
12th Jan circo Circumnavigation of Edinburgh
Social Runs 2012
23rd Dec esk The Eskapade
19th Dec need a map! Pub run
12th Dec 121212 The 12 days of Christmas night run
report on night runs page
21st Nov bonaly night Bonaly night run
report on night runs page
25th July hurry curry The Hurry Curry run
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26th July 2012

Hurry Curry Run - Wed 25th july

With a week to go and eleven signed up for the curry run, I was expecting a quiet time but then I sent out the reminder email. The replies fired in and soon the numbers were up at around 20. Organising the pre-order became hard wok and on the Wednesday lunchtime I remembered the complaints about all the fences last year. I hitched a lift to Woodhouselee and found a new route without any fences, Oz will be happy!
A phonecall from a quiet Copperbowl at 5:45 was chasing the order so I dropped in the story so far, picked up Joel and Kate and headed for KB. The crew all arrived on time and Moira filled her car with the after run gear and headed off to hand in the final order and then head for the hills to meet us.
It was a really lovely warm sunny evening the final turnout was a massive 27. Running from Kings Buildings over the shoulder of Blackford Hill, up Braidburn Valley to Swanston we were all more or less togethe. Al was a little off the pace but told us he knew his way to the Copperbowl so we headed on up Allermuir to meet Moi. There was a sudden slow of pace on the climb, but soon sorted out with a quick drink of Ribena and we all headed down to Bush for a well deserved curry (and meeting some who had decided to just turn up for the curry!).
Al did find his own (muddier) way to the Copperbowl and turned up just as his food was being served.
The staff at the Copperbowl did a superb job of feeding the hungry sweaty horde; taking it all in their stride, before Lothian Buses took us all home.
Thanks to Moira and Gilly for sorting out the gear and order delivery, and to all who took part. Photos
Willie Gibson
5th May whisky chaser The Whisky Chaser
22nd Apr jmw The Alternative John Muir Way
14th Mar aberlady Night run Aberlady
12th Mar circo edin Circumnavigation of Edinburgh
11th Jan bonaly night run Night run Bonaly
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12th January 2012
Bonaly Night Run
bonaly night run bonaly night run bonaly night run bonaly night run bonaly night run bonaly night run
The forecast was for mist & 40mph gusts of wind, an unlikely combination. I had thought that mist was a calm milky substance but the forecast was right, and when mist comes at you at 40mph it makes itself felt. Bob's (inaugural?) night run started with a comprehensive briefing on the route, but we all just followed in the usual fashion and head counting ensured that no-one needed to remember anything much. If you thought our head torches were bright a group of cyclists encountered at the head of Maiden's Cleugh lit up the track with super bright lights much to Willy's disgust. Jess the dog chased something that turned out to be Cody – "I thought that great furry lump was a sheep" said Kate frantic from trying to call Jess off. So a good time was had by the large turnout. If you had any idea where we were you were probably Bob, so here's where we went.
Post run food in Dante's Italian Restaurant, including the ones who arrived late and did their own run!
Social Runs 2011
18th Dec eskapade map The ESKapade
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18th December 2011
The ESKapade
the eskapade eskapade eskapade eskapade eskapade eskapade
The great thing about organising an event is when you end up with a great group of like minded souls enjoying a wonderful day out.
46 runners (at the last count) took part in todays run. 32 runners set off from Goose Green Crescent at 8:40. Penicabs did a good job getting the Carlops lot to the start more or less on time.
We ran a steady pace to Lasswade with the alternating appearance of Andy or Chris McLeod, met Bill Gauld, and headed for Penicuik.
9 runners left and 14 joined as we set off for Carlops.
The underfoot conditions changed from frost to 5 inches of snow over the run. The weather was fantastic.
Thanks to Nick Macdonald and Joel Sylvester for their help with the event. But a bigger thanks to all for turning up and making it such a grand day out.
7th Dec swanston night run Night run Swanston. Ice & mud
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8th December 2011
Night Run Swanston
swanston night run swanston night run swanston night run swanston night run michael's hand
As a new member of Carnethy I was really looking forward to running in the Pentlands in the dark. So my opportunity came at the Swanston Night Run. Myself and Mandy Calder met everyone at the carpark, it was so cold at the start, but that's nothing compared to what was going to come. We set off and suddenly there was all this ice, which we avoided. Then we started going slightly higher and down a section. I was caught out by this sheet of ice and landed heavily, where Jim Hardie and Andy Millard helped to my feet. I just carried on running and the scenery was getting better. When we started to go up there was slightly more snow especially up Allermuir. Then the downhill in the soft snow was so nice even though it didn't last long. We all reached the car park all in one piece, maybe not entirely. During the run I found it hard to talk to folk as I was concentrating too much, but thats just me learning to run in the night. Overall I really enjoyed the run as it was so different. I would like to thank Gordon and Willie for organising it and Mandy for the lift. The day after the run I had to go to hospital for xrays on my injuries I sustained during my fall, it turned out that I damaged my wrist ligaments. Oh well at least I can run. Happy Christmas and New Year to you all and see you guys when we get back from Poland. Map
Michael Nowicki
9th Nov cramond map Night run Cramond. Mild & damp
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9th November 2011
Cramond night run
cramond night run cramond night run cramond night run cramond night run cramond night run cramond night run
Quite a nice night though the full moon was not visible as we set off up the Cramond river path to Cammo where we played at spooky houses. Winding our way back to Cramond we caught up with the ladies who had taken a shorter route I know not where, and Willy, who just can't manage to stay on his bike and has evened up the rib damage by denting the other wing, though he managed to avoid the tree stump this year. Then it was the slippery causeway out to the island, or ned party central, crunching over the broken glass and wading through the tinnies. Sighting of a seal on the sands. Or a rock. One or the other but my money's on rock. Other lights out on the flats turned out to be collectors of either bait, or an unwise seafood platter. Great food (not collected from the foreshore) and beer at the Cramond Inn served by a hugely cheery girl. Thanks to Phil for organising. This is where we went map and photos on Alan Hogg's Picasa page
27th Oct   Halloween night run
3rd April jmw The Alternative John Muir Way
23 March aberlady

Night run Aberlady
Almost light

12 March circo edin Circumnavigation of Edinburgh
2nd Feb night run flotterstone

Night run Flotterstone
Dark, howling wind, blizzard, pub

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ettrick Loch of the Lows to Ettrick
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29th Mar 2008 journey run

A long training run - the Ochils drover's

Phil Young's (improved) Pentland Lowline pentland lowline Anti clockwise off-road circumnavigation of the Pentlands. 18.1 miles, mainly outside the Skyline circuit, with a bonus 3000 odd feet of climbing. 


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